If you are reading this I would love to welcome you to my blog. I have created this blog as a way to connect with all of you and share with you thoughts, ideas and the many parts of my journey that may inspire you on your journey.

I guess to be fair you should know a little bit about who I am and my journey so far. My name is Jennifer but all of my friends call me Jenn. I grew up in a small town and I still live in a small town just not the one I grew up in. Growing up I thought everyone could do the same things that I could, meaning have dreams and watch them unfold, know things without being told. I would find out this not to be true with the death of my cousin in 2010. That part is a whole story in itself. lol I did write about this and many more things in my book, The Ups and Downs and Aha moments of My Journey. You can find out more about my book either on Amazon or hodgsonbooks.com.

I began exploring many things such as tarot, oracle cards, mediumship, reiki, crystals and so much more. As I learned and became certified my path became very clear as to what I was to be doing. I was meant to teach, to coach, to mentor, to write and to deliver messages to others and help them heal. The road wasn’t always easy, sometimes I would fear letting go and just truly believe the messages I was getting. But that would soon change also. Not only did I trust myself but I trusted the information I was receiving. Sometimes this information made no sense to me but I know it did to the people who were receiving and that’s all that mattered.

Years ago I lost who I was, I went through a really bad marriage and had to heal many parts of myself. It took a long time for that to happen. My mom passed four years ago and even that took some healing. However once I did heal from this I felt free and by feeling free to be me, feeling free to do what I wanted allowed me to become not only the happy-go-lucky girl I was at 16 but to have the knowledge, the strength and the wisdom to be a better person than I was before. I was finally happy and at peace with myself. Once that happened things just started to happen. I started going for things in my life that I wanted, like my website. But more importantly I had me back and I know that no matter what happens in life I will be ok.

Today I am in a happy marriage and I am doing things that I dreamed about doing when I was a kid. I want to help everyone be at their best and help them to see the potential they have and to make their dreams come true.

I do have a website that is still in the works but hopefully I will have it finished soon. On the website you will find courses that you can take, a facebook group or two that you can join, readings that you can purchase, mentoring and of course coaching. If you are interested in astrology check out what your sign is all about, if you are interested in crystals check out the link, if you are interested in numerology check out the link for that as well.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and to help you on your journey to be the best you can be.


Many Blessings